19 Amazing Bohemian and Boho Bedding and Duvet Sets

Whether for a teen just coming into her own sense of style, or to add an exotic opulence to your own room, bohemian bedding is an absolutely gorgeous choice for any bed. Bohemian decor, also called boho for short, crosses the boundaries between hippy, gypsy and east Indian for a completely unique, colorful and intricate look. The colors range from cute and cheerful, to deep and elegant and work for any room, no matter your age or style.

I’ve chosen a few of my favorite current styles available online, and these boho bedding sets are seriously stunning. If you haven’t yet considered adding a bohemian style comforter or duvet cover to your linens collection, these may change your mind! Or, if you haven’t even heard of boho style comforters, take a look at these beauties and be dazzled.

Boho Bedding is Bright, Fun and Colorful

Boho Style! Blue and Purple Paisley Medallion Bedding with Decorative Pillow


Fun, feminine boho bedding in purple, blue and white.

Get this Bohemian Bedding which Includes Everything to Complete the Look!

Chic Blue and Purple Bohemian Bedding with comforter, 2 shams, 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet, 2 pillowcases, a decorative pillow and a bonus matching sleep mask. This set is an AMAZING value! It comes in Twin (including Twin XL for dorm beds), Full and Queen sizes. This set has it all and to top it off, the comforter is reversible, so you can get two totally different looks from this. The purple, blue and white is perfectly gorgeous, it’s both girly and bold.

Colorful Mandalas Brighten Up this Super Cute Boho Bedding!


Bright bohemian bedding in bold shapes will instantly brighten any room

Bright and Colorful Boho Bedding with Bold Mandalas and Shapes

Look how much color and life the room has with this amazing duvet set! It comes with one duvet cover, 2 pillowcases and 1 flat sheet and is 100% cotton, which will keep you cool and comfortable so you can enjoy these bright colors all summer long!

Rich, Lush Jewel-Toned Boho Bedding in Pink and Blue


Fun and Girly Bohemian Bedding in Pink and Blue

Gorgeous Boho Bedding in Exotic Jewel-Tones

Teen girls will definitely love this one! It’s a great mix of mature elegance and fun, girly colors. I just adore the pink against the azure blue, its the perfect contrast and so bright and eye-catching. This cute set is made from cotton twill and comes with 1 duvet cover, 2 pillowcases and 1 flat sheet, so just slip any comforter or duvet inside for a completely new look.

 Sweet, Soft, Girly Boho Bedding with Circular Paisley Design

Paisley Bohemian Bedding Duvet Cover Set

This Pink and Pastel Bohemian Bedding is Cute and Flirty

Boho Bedding in Pink with Paisley Peacock Design

Most Boho Bedding is pretty boldly colored with strong shape patterns, but this set proves that bohemian themed bedding in pastels can be just as gorgeous. This duvet cover is made of 100% Tencel and comes with 1 flat sheet and 2 pillow shams. I love how exotic and intricate the design looks. It’s a really strong design, yet still full of cute, girly, feminine flair. Total sweetness!

Incredible Bold Bohemian Peacock Bedding Design

Amazing bohemian bedding with huge, colorful peacock design

Boho bedding with colorful peacock against a hot pink background

Wow! Beautiful Peacock on Pink Boho Bedding Set

How gorgeous is this?!

Huge colorful peacock design steals the show on this boho style bedding. This set is made from 100% cotton and comes with 1 duvet cover, 1 flat sheet and 2 pillow shams for the complete look. Your bed will be the centerpiece of your room with this amazing, exotic peacock design.

 Beautiful Boho Bedding with Bold Colors

Super colorful bohemian duvet cover set

An amazing bohemian POP of color for your room!

Boho bedding set with deep colors and bold patterns

This duvet cover set is as gorgeous in person as in the picture!

Deep, rich colors will add that spark of elegance to your room and make your bed the main focal point. This bohemian bedding set comes with 1 duvet cover, 2 pillowcases and 1 flat sheet and is made from 100% cotton that was treated with a sanding process to make it incredibly soft and smooth.

You will not be disappointed by this beauty!

Bohemian Bedding in Subdued Tones and Intricate Patterns

Quilts for life! Jacquard look Bohemian design

Boho bedding in patchwork jacquard-look quilt

Subtle stunner! Bohemian quilt in elegant muted colors

Stripes go with pretty much anything, am I right? These colors are the perfect blend of elegance and sophistication, with a hint of bohemian exotic, feminine luxury. You’ll feel like your bed was dressed in far-off India and like you’re lounging in Princess Jasmine’s castle. Made from 100% cotton, including cotton stuffing, this quilt is everything you’re looking for to top your boho themed bed. Quilt includes 2 matching pillowcases.

Bohemian Bedding with Oversized Florals in a Rainbow of Colors

Fun Funky Flowers on this Bohemian Bedding
Elegant flowers in funky colors, this boho bedding is the perfect mix!

Big, beautiful flowers adorn this colorful boho duvet cover.

If you’re looking for something fun, funky and flowery to brighten up your room, this super colorful bohemian bedding is perfect. With these gorgeous florals, your room will be transformed into an exotic tropical garden paradise.

This set is made from 100% cotton twill fabric, comes in full or queen sizes and you’ll get 2 pillowcases, 1 duvet cover and 1 flat sheet. Just insert your favorite comforter and the hidden zipper and your old comforter will be transformed into a gorgeous work of art.

I love the painted look of the flowers and leaves, this design has it all!

Striped Boho Bedding Set in Rustic Fall Colors

Striped Boho Bedding for Fall Time

Intense colors, featuring orange, blue and everything in between

Stripes, color and intricate designs create a stunning bohemian bedding ensemble

I love bold, rich, intense color. I’m a firm believer that if you’re going to go exotic, then you should also make a statement and make it count. This duvet cover set definitely delivers on that. The oranges and blues are so intense and strongly contrasted that I highly suggest washing this in cold water first and separate from any other laundry. When ordering, you should also consider getting a size larger than you actually need as this set tends to run a little small.

While the colors are perfect for any season, they’re especially magical during the fall time, drawing on the orange and reds, but highlights of vibrant blues and greens make it sparkle and shine!

Boho Bedding in Grey and Orange “Spa Colors” with Moroccan Paisley Design and Mandalas Quilt Set

Exotic boho quilt in grey and orange spa colors

Exotic and bohemian quilt with vermicelli stitching

Calming colors and meditative designs equal relaxation

Sometimes, you want bold and intense, but sometimes you NEED calm and relaxation. This bohemian quilt set is designed with just that in mind. It features blue, grey, white, orange and saffron colors, that combine into a wonderfully soothing palette. Medallions and mandalas grace the top side, while orange paisleys decorate the back, and you can use either side as the “top” side depending the mood you’re looking to create!

Made from 100% cotton in both the outside and the fill, this has already been prewashed and preshrunk for the perfect fit, and comes with 2 standard shams.

Intricate Designs and Patterns in Soothing Earth Tones Cover this Bohemian Bedding

Intricate Bohemian Designs in Earthy Colors

White boho patterns on a blue and sage green with burgundy red background.

Incredibly intricate medallion and mandala patterns cover this modern quilt set

This quilt may look a bit average at first glance, but take a second look!

What draws me in most about this quilt is the sharp, detailed medallion patterns. To get the clearest view, you’ll need to zoom in to the original image and look closely at it to really appreciate just how gorgeous this moroccan bohemian quilt is.

Not even stopping there, it is made from some of the finest cotton and will continually get softer and softer each time it is washed. Perfect for spring or summer when you’re ready to throw off your winter comforter and switch to a soft, cool, quilt! Comes with 2 pillow shams and bed sheet straps, to keep things in place.

Bright, Colorful Multi-Ethnic Bohemian Duvet Cover Set

Multi-ethnic bohemian bedding set

Amazing color and design combinations make this a truly bohemian bedding

Moroccan, ethnic and American styles converge in this colorful boho bedding set

For the young or young at heart, and with a heart and eye toward the worldly, this bohemian bedding has a combination of Native American patterns, Moroccan medallion designs and ethnic florals. And miraculously, these form something gorgeously colorful and uniquely exquisite.

Teens will love the pinks and aqua, with yellow and purple highlights, and it’s such a fun way to liven up any room JUST by placing this on the bed. The color completely transforms the look of the room! It comes with the duvet cover, 1 flat sheet and 2 pillowcases.

Boho Bedding in Beachy Blues and Tropical Flowers

Boho Bedding in Blues and Tropical Flowers

Gorgeous burst of summer sunshine color for your room!

It’s like an exotic, bohemian beach vacation in your own room

If I had to pick one color that I couldn’t live without, and always brightened my mood, it would have to be the deep aqua blue of the tropical seas and this duvet cover set captures that essence perfectly. Red and lavender floral accents in exotic, tropical shapes make this a cool, calm and relaxing vacation in your own bedroom.

This gorgeous bohemian bedding also comes with a flat sheet and 2 pillowcases, and please note that the flat sheet will be a solid camel color, almost like the sand on a faraway beach!

Absolutely Beautiful Boho Bedding with Multicolor Medallions and Mandalas

Gorgeous boho medallions and mandalas

Intense color and high style

Bohemian bedding doesn’t get more beautiful than this!

Color, design, style and intricacy all in one amazingly gorgeous duvet cover set. The colors on this need to be seen to be believed, it is so rich and vibrant, with incredible medallion designs. It has pretty much every color you can imagine! This would be an awesome set not simply for a teenager, but for any woman who loves bright, bold, intense, vivid color and luxurious style. I can’t say enough good things about this bedding set, it’s well-made, soft, quality and gorgeous.

Definitely worth EVERY penny! Also comes with a flat sheet and 2 pillow shams to complete the look. What are you waiting for??

Boho Purples and Peacocks Cute Comforter and Duvet Cover Set

Boho bedding in colorful peacock medallion design

Shades of purple with colorful peacock medallion design is simply magical!

Boho bedding set comes with either 4 or 5 pieces

Medallions are often the highlight of many bohemian bedding designs, as well as peacock-inspired patterns. This set merges both of these into one, by using colorful peacock motifs in the medallion design, set on a backdrop of deep, rich, royal purple.

You get your choice of a 4 piece set with the duvet cover, 2 pillowcases and flat sheet, or a 5 piece set which also includes a comforter to use inside the duvet cover (if you don’t already have one of your own to use).

Made with flannel, this set is perfect for the colder winter months, and adds a fun, lively splash of color as well! Great for girls and teen girls!

Pink and White Boho Duvet Cover Set with Floral Medallions

White Medallion Bohemian Bedding

Gorgeous, feminine boho design with spring green accents

100% brushed cotton twill pink and white set

Bohemian bedding is by far some of the most colorful there is out there, and this is no exception. With vibrant, shocking pink and crisp white, decorated with flowery medallion designs in a rainbow of hues, this set is definitely for girly girls (like me!).

The quality is amazing and it will keep getting softer with each washing. Comes with 1 duvet cover, 1 flat sheet, 2 pillowshams and a huge smile for you! You won’t be disappointed by this one!

A Burst of Boho Color with Blue and Yellow with Circular Motifs on Wavy Stripes

Teal and Yellow Boho Bedding with Circular Designs

Mature and elegant boho bedding design

Teal and yellow offset the colorful stripes and medallions

With teals and yellows, amidst a rainbow of wavy stripes and circular medallions, this bohemian style bedding with please the adult boho lover as well as the teens for a more mature, yet distinctly exotic look. Made of 100%, it is also completely machine washable and dryable, and comes with duvet cover, 1 flat sheet and 2 pillowcases.

If you’re interested in completing the boho decor look, there are also matching throw pillows and curtains available!

High Contrast Boho Bedding Colors with Ethnic and Medallion Designs

Bohemian and Ethnic Bedding Set 

Bright pink against dark blue make a bold statement on this bohemian duvet cover

Ethnic meets bohemian on this fun and funky bedding set

How cute is this design? Boho bedding has such a wide array of patterns and designs on them, and occasionally you’ll find some that include motifs from other cultures. This set blends all of these intricate designs flawlessly with bright, bold, high contrast colors, with white accents to really make the patterns “pop”! Tip: machine wash the duvet cover inside out to protect and preserve the intense colors!

Romantic and Simple, Deep Pink Brings an Elegance to this Boho Bedding

Bright Pink Bohemian Bedding with Simple Design 

Sometimes, even with boho, simple is the way to go

Super bright pink bohemian duvet cover set

It’s all about the quality! Oh so bright, beautiful colors don’t mean much unless they stay bright and beautiful, amiright? This superb quality duvet cover set won’t fade because it is made with a reactive dye printing process. The lush, bright, dramatic colors will last and last. Made of high thread count 100% cotton, it includes 1 duvet cover, 2 pillowcases an a flat sheet. Excellent choice for teens and adults!