Cute Comforters for Girls and Teens

In a teen’s hectic life, cute comforters and bedding are essential. After a day filled with school, work, sports, and friends, a beautiful bed will be waiting for her as she drops dog tired onto it. You know that your daughter is very picky about colors and styles. You also know best what her personal preferences are. I love bright, stylish beds, and there are so many amazing styles of comforters to pick from it can be hard to know where to start looking.

Things to consider when picking cute comforters for your daughter

Determine what size you need

Before you start looking at the enormous selection of cute comforters available, it is essential that you understand the bedding size. Teenagers are growing, or nearly grown, so choose a larger size comforter. In fact, you may want to use this as an opportunity to upgrade her bed size from a twin to a double or queen mattress. But if she is still young then select medium-sized bedding based on the size of her bed. Basically, you need to pay close attention to the bedding size you are buying, for example if she has a queen size bed then you will need queen size bedding.

Peacock design boho beddingExquisite Boho Bedding with 3D Peacock Design… see more bohemian bedding styles

When you start shopping online for comforters, you’ll be amazed at the range of colors, designs and cute patterns to choose from. There are the bright summer flowers over white backgrounds, neon graphic designs and even solid colors in cute prints. It’s important that you understand your daughter’s bedding preference and then choose the color of her cute comforters. When renovating and painting the room, then it’s a good idea to buy the cute comforters in her favorite color and then paint the walls in a lighter shade. This is a lot simpler than to paint the walls first and then buy the cute comforters. For the bedding, go for medium to dark colors instead of lighter shades. Light bedding looks dirty quicker and needs more frequent washing.

What’s her style?

Cute Comforters are available in a variety of designs and styles. It’s a good idea to sit with your daughter and understand what design and styles she likes. Maybe there’s a current fashion trend she likes or wants to be traditional in her selection of styles. Keep the design and style of the comforter within the current décor of the room, otherwise it will look out of place and spoil the harmony of the room design.

What material should the comforter be made from?

It’s important that you select the right material for your daughter’s cute comforter as she will be sleeping the night under it. If you’re buying these comforters for winter then go with a flannel material. The best thing about flannel is that it has great insulating properties. It’s also very comfortable, easy to maintain and very cost effective. Cottons are definitely a plus for summertime, even though they need a lot more maintenance. Different materials also require different cleaning methods, here are some care tips for keeping your cute new comforter looking its best.

Filling Materials

Down, also known as goose down, is generally the most coveted filler, and as you would expect, comes from geese. It is the extremely soft, dense and insulating layer of fluff that is between the goose’s skin and it’s feathers. It doesn’t have the stiff, sharp barbs that feathers do, which can be uncomfortable and poke through the surface of the fabric.

Down Alternative 
Down alternative is a synthetic material that mimics natural goose down, but without the allergenic qualities. This is a good option for those looking for softness or warmth, but are allergic to natural goose down or do not want a filler made with animal products. Comforters filled with down are both the costliest but also last the longest.

Feather-filled comforters are less pricey than down comforters, but they are also valued for their warmth and softness. Over time, the feathers will begin to line up with each other and may become flat, unlike down. For some, a good tradeoff is to look for a down/feather blend, as you’ll get some of the softness and loft of the down cut in with the cost-effectiveness of feathers.

Polyester Fiberfill
Polyester fiberfill, or simply polyester, is the cheapest of all comforter filling materials. This is a good choice for children’s bedding or those on a budget as it is extremely durable. Sometimes, such as when you’re dressing your daughter’s dorm bed, you’re looking for cute style, but not necessarily for luxury, since there’s a pretty high chance it will need to take a beating (or two). Polyester filled comforters come in different thicknesses for summer or winter use and have the lowest price point, so you’re sure to find the cute look you’re after.

Quilt Batting
For quilted comforters, a filling material called batting is used.  Batting comes in different thicknesses, like polyester, but can be made of natural or synthetic materials.

Wool is naturally hypoallergenic, helps regulate body temperature and resists dust mites, making this an excellent choice for year-round comfort. Wool-filled bedding is a bit more expensive than other types, but is extremely durable and high-performing.

For the ultimate sleeping comfort, silk filled comforters are something to be experienced! While similar to wool in that it is breathable, adjusts to your body temperature and resists mold and dust mites, it is much thinner and drapes more closely to your body. These comforters will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Surface Materials

Smooth and sleek, silk bedding is a definite luxury! Produced from silk spun from silkworms, this is an excellent choice for durability, style, comfort and health. Expect a higher price range for these comforters and duvets made from silk.

Satin is sometimes considered silk’s cheaper cousin, and is made from a mixture of silk, rayon, polyester, wool and/or cotton. This fabric is also smooth, shiny and sleek, and feels luxurious against your skin and you slide into bed.

Cotton bedding is a great choice for summertime or fornwarm climates as it is cool to the touch and when warm, cools off quickly. Egyptian cotton is prized for its softness, and fabrics with a higher thread count are both more durable and comfortable. For the best value and comfort, look for thread counts above 300-400.

The most common comforter material, but also the most affordable, polyester comforters are very easy to clean and care for, making it a good choice for babies, young children and teens. That means if your moody tween throws herself onto her bed with her muddy shoes still on, you can just throw that thing in the washer and dryer, and call it good. Easy peasy! Also a great choice for guest rooms and dorms.

When warmth is important, flannel is your best bet. Unlike flat cotton fabric, flannel won’t feel cold to the touch, which means you’ll never have to freeze in your bed while waiting for your sheets to warm up! Flannel does an excellent job in trapping body heat, so is best suited for winter or cold climates.


Cute Minnie Mouse todder bed setAdorable Minnie Mouse Toddler Bed Set in Lavender

How to coordinate with other accessories

Accessories add extra, unique style to both the bed and the room. Coordinating the curtains and the pillows with same color also adds to the overall ambience of the room. A contrasting-color rug will accentuate the room style. Don’t add too many things or it will just clutter up the room.

Different ideas when choosing a cute comforter

Use different duvets over the cute comforter

Using different colored duvets in the different seasons throughout the year is a great idea to preserve the condition of the cute comforter and extends its use. This is both cost effective and also changes up the room style from time-to-time as you change the duvets. If you’re not sure what one even is, you can find out more about duvets here.

Consider your daughter’s favorite cartoon character

If your daughter still has her favorite cartoon character, use this as a theme as the central theme and decorate the other components of the room around it.

Photo Comforters

Another option is to pick a few of your daughter’s favorite photographs from when she was little. Printing them onto a comforter set is a new, fresh idea. Your daughter will love the nostalgic feelings it brings out, and her comforter may even become a keepsake for years to come.