What is the difference between a comforter and a duvet?

Duvet covers vs comforters

Which should you buy, a comforter or a duvet cover? What exactly is the difference between the two and what are duvet covers for?

What is a Comforter?

Comforters are typically thick, quilted blankets that are filled with polyester fiber fill. They frequently sit as the top layer on your bed and are designed to both keep you warm and contribute to the overall decor of your room. Comforters are larger than duvets and hang over the edge of the bed. Often, they come with matching sheets, pillowcases or shams and care is generally simple as you can run it in your washer with the rest of your sheets.

Okay, then what is a Duvet?

Crisp white duvet covers add class and brighten up any room, plus they’re way easier than comforters to clean. Just remove and pop in the washer.

A duvet is also a type of top sheet. It is similar to a comforter in that it is thick, fluffy and designed to keep you warm. Often, duvets are plain or white, not quilted, and are filled with natural fibers such as feathers, wool or down.

Duvets are not machine washable and are smaller than comforters. They’re either the size of the bed or only slightly larger. They can sit on top of a comforter or on their own.

What is a Duvet Cover?

Since duvets are generally plain or white, and not meant to be cleaned the way comforters are, they need to be covered. Some duvet covers are patterned or come in different colors. Many people also like simple, yet elegant white duvet covers. All duvet covers are meant to fit over your duvet the same way a pillowcase encases your pillow. Duvet cover

Because duvets are not meant to be machine washed and dry cleaning them is often expensive and inconvenient, they should be covered. Duvet covers can be easily removed and easily washed. Duvet covers also come in a wide variety of colors, designs, looks and patterns to match with the decor of your room.

I also want to mention, that duvet covers can be used with your existing comforters and not just extend their life, but also gives them a fresh, new look. The beautiful thing about duvet covers is how many more you can store in a linen closet than comforters. You can have one comforter and 20 duvet covers for it, instead of needing to buy 20 different bulky comforters to get the same variety of styles.