Pineapple Bedding: Fresh Flavor Abounds!

Pineapples are everywhere these days, and why not? They’re fresh, fruity, juicy, and delicious! The sweet image of pineapples brings a touch of the tropics to mind, and pair well with a trendy and colorful flamingo pattern.

A pineapple bed set might be just what your bedroom needs for a fresh update. Take a peek at some of our favorites below!

13 Pineapple Comforter and Duvet Cover Sets

Whimsical Pineapple Multi-color Bedding

Pineapple Bedding, 100% Cotton Multi Colour Pineapple Themed Quilt/Duvet Cover
Peachy pineapple-y goodness right here!

Breaking away from the normally yellow pineapple motif, this set bursts with all the vibrant colors of springtime! This super-sweet set is equally charming on a young girl’s or a teen girl’s bed, and it comes in two options: with and without the white comforter. Both sets include two pillowcases and the colorful duvet. The comforter is microfiber while the pillowcases and the duvet are 100% cotton for ultimate softness and sleep comfort.

Cotton Multi-color Pineapple Whimsy Duvet and Pillowcases

Island Pineapple Tropical Fruit Stamped Pattern Bedding Set

Turquiose and Coral Stamped Pop Art Print Pineapple Duvet

Easy to clean and super soft, this brushed microfiber set is feminine without being over-the-top. Adds a bright, fun touch to your room. These colors pair so well with a modern weathered-wood-look, a beach or coastal theme, or use it to add life and color to virtually any decor. Just pop the duvet on your existing comforter for an instant makeover!

Pineapple Pink Hibiscus and Green Palm Leaves Floral Patterns

White and Teal Duvet with Tropical Pink Flowers and Palm Leaves

Fresh picked and vibrant! This pineapple bedding set adds a sophisticated tropical vibe with its deep teal interior and lush tropical print exterior. Instantly transform your bedroom from winter to warm, sunny, Spring! This pineapple duvet set includes the duvet cover and two pillowcases.

Super Sweet Girls Pineapple Dream and Berry Stripes Comforter Set

Microfiber Pineapple Comforter Bedding Set in Pink and Berry Colors

This FIVE piece bedding set features a flamingo and pineapple comforter, a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, 1 pillowcase and 1 sham. Bright and cheerful, this set helps create an entirely new feel in any kid’s bedroom, and the soft microfiber fabric is cozy and durable. Cleaning and care is a breeze, this set is fully machine washable.

Lovely Denim-Color Duvet with Cartoon Pineapple Motifs

Kids’ Blue Duvet Bedding Set with Pineapple Prints

This three piece set includes a duvet cover and two pillow shams. A great benefit to using a duvet is the ease and convenience it provides to keeping the comforter itself clean and sanitary. This pineapple duvet is durable, stain-resistant and hypoallergenic, and the microfiber is super soft against the skin, meaning your kids will sleep comfortably and securely.

Feminine Pink Pineapple Duvet Cover with White Dots

Cotton Pink Pineapple Duvet and 2 Pillow Sham Set

This stylish pink pineapple duvet cover set is feminine yet sophisticated, and would be perfect for both a girl’s room or a woman’s room. This soft pink set is made from 100% cotton, so it’s not only soft on your skin, it’s durable enough to machine wash. Upgrade your space, and dream under this stylish pineapple bedding set!

Blue and White Tropical Dual-Sided Pineapple Duvet Set

Tropical Blue Palm Leaves and Pineapple Duvet Set

One of the best things about duvet covers is how easily you can transform the look of your old comforter, and pretty much your entire room with a simple duvet, which typically costs less than buying an entirely new comforter. Duvets can extend the life of your existing comforter since you just need to wash the duvet and your comforter remains clean inside. This absolute beauty of this set, is that you get two bright, fresh looks in a single duvet. One side has a fresh, crisp white backdrop while the other side features a pale turquoise background. This pineapple duvet set is totally a must-have!

Bright and Sunny Yellow Pineapple Bedding Set

Pineapple Slices and Whole Pineapple Yellow and White 3 Piece Duvet Set

If you could capture everything bright and fresh about a sunny day and turn it into a bedding set, this would be it! Inner side of the duvet cover features a white on yellow pattern, while the outside is crisp white with pineapple ring, pineapple, and blue polka dots. Give your comforter a bright, fresh makeover with this 100% cotton duvet and 2 matching pillow shams.

Vintage-Style Pictogram Design Pineapple Bedding Set

Decorative Vibrant Yellow and White Pineapple Duvet Set

Reminiscent of vintage style and postcards, the pictogram stamped pineapple design on this three-piece bedding set, featuring a duvet cover and two pillow shams, lends a cheerful yet rustic charm to your room. This lovely pattern is especially suitable for those looking to add a little pop of vintage color to a rustic farmhouse bedroom. Super soft brushed microfiber for durability and comfort.

Tropical Berry-Color Pineapple Motif Duvet and Pillow Shams Set

Pink, Peach, and Teal Pineapple Duvet Cover Set

Light, airy, and feminine, this bedding set brings warm, tropical vibes to any room and blends nicely in rooms with weathered, farmhouse finishes. Interior of the duvet cover is while, while the exterior features bold pineapple motifs. This set is made from brushed microfiber fabric, making it ultra soft for your best sleep ever.

Bright and Colorful Oversized Pineapple Print Microfiber Duvet Set

Bold, Multicolor, Pineapple Print Bedding Set

These gorgeous oversized pineapples will become your newest obsession. Each pineapple has all the colors of the rainbow, and is a fun, eclectic change from other pineapple motif bedding. The microfiber material is all at once durable, easy to care for, and super soft on your skin while you sleep.

Soft Yellow and White Chevron and Pineapple Print Bedding Set

Chic, Modern Pineapple Bedding Set

Beautiful and reversible, the inside of this duvet cover is a yellow and white chevron print, while the outside features the words “peace, love, pineapples”, small black hearts, and yellow and green pineapples. Made from 100% cotton, this is lightweight, breathable, and soft. Cotton bedding is perfect for warm summers because of it’s breathability and ability to pull moisture away.

Reversible Multicolor Tropical Pineapple Duvet Set

Pineapples on the Outside, Hearts Inside Reversible Duvet

This fabulous duvet cover set is fully reversible, and features multicolored and varied pattern pineapple motifs on one side, with grey-on-grey heart motifs on the other. The contrast between the two sides, on a fully dressed bed is beautiful together. This set is made from soft microfiber and comes with 1 duvet cover, that can fit over any existing comforter, and 2 matching pillowcases.

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