Amazing tips to remove stains from comforters for teens

We sleep a minimum of 56 hours a week in our beds, and probably way more for teenagers, plus extra sleep-in and relaxation time on the weekends. Most young women who are just out of their teens still enjoy the comfort of sleeping in the same adorable comforters from their teen years.

These comforters come in a variety of materials, although cotton and flannel are the most popular. And since these comforters are very comfortable, it’s very possible to end up spending an entire day in them.

Cute comforters beg to be used. Then they beg to be cleaned.

Netflix and chill, baby.

Unfortunately, this also makes them dirty and you need to know a few basic facts to keep them clean and remove any stains that might have gotten on them.

Basic rules to keep your comforters cute and clean

1.    Before you start cleaning your comforter you should understand the cleaning instructions mentioned by the manufacturer. Here you would need to check whether it should be laundered only. If you want to cut your cost then you can hand wash it at home using a mild detergent.

2.    Before wetting your comforter for cleaning you need to check if the color runs.

3.    The size of a queen bed comforter is large and so you may not be able to wash it in a standard washing machine. With a little common sense you can use the bath tub to wash these cute, but large-sized comforters. A wet comforter is very heavy therefore you need a little help after you’ve washed it and take it out for drying.

4.    Before you start washing your comforter by hand, use a vacuum to remove dust and dirt from the comforter. While washing, you should agitate the water and be sure that all parts of the comforter get wet.

How to remove stains?

Since your teens usually lounge on the comforter, snack, do homework, hobbies and various things around them, she could accidentally get a nasty, hard-to-remove stain on it. Maybe she was eating a cheeseburger her room (even though you told her not to) and a glop of ketchup fell on it. The basic techniques to follow are:

1.    Club soda is an emergency spot cleaner and a great stain remover. All that you need to do is dampen the area and add the club soda over it in few drops. Then you can rub the area and wash off the stain immediately.

2.    Maybe you were watching Orange is the New Black and enjoying a glass of red wine, when in sheer excitement you spill a few drops onto your beautiful comforter. Immediately dampen the stained area and put white toothpaste on the stain. Then scrub the area and remove the toothpaste using a clean, damp cloth.

3.    If you have an accident and get few drops of blood on the comforter, a few drops of hydrogen peroxide then rinse out the area, it will immediately remove the blood stains.